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Yi Xing Tong Inn - Pingyao

Yi Xing Tong Inn is situated in the historical Pingyao Old Town, just 2.5 kilometers from Pingyao Railway Station.

Opened in 2008, the inn offers 10 rooms and suites. Chess, mahjong, and bicycle are available.

Address: 35 West Lane, Binan Street, Pingyao, Jinzhong
Hotel Phone: 0354-5684689
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Room service, laundry service, wake up service, tourism services, safe-deposit boxes, parking.

Credit Card Accepted:
VISA, Master., American Express, JCB


Pingyao has no airport. The closest major city and airport is Taiyuan, 90km (55 miles) away. However, frequent bus, train and even, many willing taxis or hotel pickpus, can complete the last leg of your journey.


Taiyuan Wusu Airport     100 km
Mingqing Street     0.1 km
Pingyao Railway Station     1.5 km
Magistrates Office     0 km


Travel common hotline in Pingyao
Train inquiry:0354-5673197
Bus inquiry:0354-5691899
Civil Aviation Inquirer:0351-118114
Travel inquiry:0354-5868113



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